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Arteta talks about Alexandre Lacazette situation and summer shake-up


Arsenal may see a big restructuring in the summer window. Mikel Arteta outlines the same in the interview.

It’s gonna be one of those windows for Arsenal where you never quite know what to expect. The club isn’t in the best of forms and is looking to turn its fortune around with Mikel Arteta. There are talks everywhere of the club needing more reinforcements.

But one very important thing for Arsenal will also be how they end this season. It is pivotal for Mikel Arteta to make the team focus on the difficulty of the task ahead of them. Arsenal are on the brink of an exit from Europe next season.

The only hope lies in the Europa League where they face Salvia Prague next. Mikel Arteta has a lot of decisions on his hand. Arsenal still looks like a collection of moving pieces and it is critical to get some stability in the squad.

Permanent moves for Ceballos and Odegaard will surely be a step in the right direction. Arsenal also needs creativity in the midfield along with some defensive and offensive additions.

Arteta talks about Alexandre Lacazette situation and summer shake-up
Alexandre Lacazette enjoying a good run of form with Arsenal

Then there is the problem of the number 9 spot. Arteta has to decide on who’ll be his go-to number 9 day in and day out. Aubameyang hasn’t been in the best of forms for Arsenal but Lacazette has stepped up.

However, Lacazette is entering the final year of his contract with Arsenal. There are parties that are interested in acquiring his services and there is a possibility of him leaving Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta to deal with Lacazette’s situation after the season ends

Mikel Arteta to deal with Lacazette's situation after the season ends
Arsenal will begin talks with Lacazette once the season ends.

Alexander Lacazette has been in good form for Arsenal in recent weeks. The Frenchman has stepped up in a time of menace for the club. He leads the way with 13 goals to his name in all competitions.

Although that’s not a great number considering the lack of chances Arsenal has created we can say the Frenchman has done pretty well. According to reports from the Express, Mikel Arteta had loads of praise for Lacazette.

 “He is sustaining that level, scoring goals and providing the team with something different as well. His work rate has been phenomenal and it’s what we want. “We need those type of players hitting the best level because over the course of the season”.

“The situation with Laca we will address in the summer, speak to him, propose the future we want and that’s it.“Now I just want players focused and only focused on performing and getting the best out of them for the team.”

It is clear that Arteta thinks highly of Lacazette. From the looks of things, it seems like Arteta wants to hold on to his services. Lacazette’s form is already attracting a lot of attention.

Clubs like Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, and Roma have shown interest in the Frenchman. But Mikel Arteta will take as an indication that his players are doing well. As for Lacazette, we should have more clarity on his opinions by the ending of the season.


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