Friday, May 7, 2021

Arteta have support for his future despite the struggling Arsenal team


The posting of Mikel Arteta to North London was on the magical influence of Pep Guardiola’s assistant tag. Arsenal was in a crisis when Arteta took charge of the Gunners. They are still a shuffled side in the Premier League.

Arsenal’s reputation is not stable since Arsene Wenger left the Emirates. The managers tried their luck with the North London side and Mikel Arteta is the one who stayed more than others.

A kind of hope is there in Arteta’s case and he got great support from Arsenal management. According to the latest reports, Arteta is managing the pressure in North London after ensuring support from the backroom staff.

Arsenal are expecting a slow output from the Spaniard as the changes are visible in the squad. Arteta was proposing a complete rejuvenation of an era and he has to spend more on the transfer window for that.

Kroenke supports Arteta

The young prospects of North London got enough support from the manager and they are making use of the time. Meanwhile, fans are not that supportive of the manager. He is yet to convince the fans about the long-term future of the team.

The heap of expectation from Arteta:

Arsenal’s season performance is the current point of criticism among fans. They are missing out on the Champions League stages for seasons and the considered as the Europa team from England.

Although, the recent fixtures against Liverpool and Slavia Prague made the criticisms intense in effect. The 3-0 loss against the Champions made the table outfit tougher for the Gunners. They are placed 11th on the table.

Losing out the European competitions would affect the reputation and financial outfit of the club. The Europa League quarter-finals clash against Slavia Prague was another concern after the first leg ended in a 1-1 draw. Winning the competition is a convenient way for them to ensure the European matchdays.

Qualification through the domestic competitions is not sure in the case of Arsenal. Getting into the top six position is tougher than ever due to strong opposition.

Gunners management is ready to build a new generation of players around Mikel Arteta. That can add more confidence to the tactical display from the manager. But, the upcoming season would be crucial for developing a better profile for him. (Source)

The summer transfer window is the correct opportunity for Arteta to act accordingly for the next season. Another season out of the top six positions can’t guarantee the future of the manager in North London.

Also, fans are expected to return to the matchdays next season. The current support Arteta is getting from the team is out of mere hope. He should make use of the privilege and make output in results.


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