Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Arsenal to play the WWE legend theme song at home games

Mikel Arteta wants Arsenal to be ruthless for the next season. WWE legend sends message to Aubameyang and co. as well.

Mikel Arteta has had a brilliant start with Arsenal. Since he came over Arsenal have turned over a new leaf. Arsenal like United and Chelsea are trying to build a young core for the future.

Mikel Arteta has already led the team to two trophies. The club has won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in the span of the last two months and they are very pumped right now.

The Gunners are making the right moves in the market too. The club is very close to penning down a new deal for club captain and top scorer Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. The agreement is almost complete and Arsenal will be announcing it soon.

Mikel Arteta wants Arsenal to be ruthless for the next season. WWE legend sends message to Aubameyang and co. as well.
Mikel Arteta has taken Arsenal to a winning start, and the club is looking to sign Houssem Aouar

Arsenal has also completed the signings of William Saliba and Gabriel Magalhaes for their defensive problems. And they are also planning to offload some of the players in the team.

Arsenal has agreed with Real Madrid for another season-long loan for Dani Ceballos and it really looks like everything is falling in place for the Gunners. The club wants to take up the excitement to another level.

Arsenal will now be playing it’s “It’s all about the game” before their home games. The song by Motorhead is very famous and is used as an entry song for WWE Superstar Triple H.

Triple H really is really excited about the Gunners using his theme song

Arsenal using Triple H's theme song for home games.
Arsenal using Triple H’s theme song for home games.

The music was first used in the second half of the Community Shield against Liverpool and Arsenal want to keep continuing the tradition. It will be very interesting to see how the fans react whenever they finally make their return to the stadium.

“I’m very excited about it,” 14-time WWE champion Triple H explained.”WWE is one of those brands, it resonates globally. The level of excitement, it’s what we do.

“Whether it’s the music, the in-ring product, or whether it’s the spectacle that we bring to it when you come to a Wrestle Mania, a RAW or a SmackDown. The spectacle that is there attacks your senses from every side.

“And music is a big part of setting the theme. So what better theme for Arsenal to have blaring over a loudspeaker system than Lemmy of Motorhead screaming ‘time to play the game’? There’s nothing better than that.

Triple H has also issued a friendly warning to Arsenal. They better win all of their games the Superstar said. The Gunners sure will wish that Triple H’s word comes true in the near future.

Arsenal are still looking to do some business in the transfer window. The club is looking at Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar, but they will have to offload some players first and Hector Bellerin might be one of them.


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