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Arsenal linked with £23M star midfielder has better stats then Aouar

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Arsenal are suffering a lot from the start of the season. Their performance also worsened a lot in this season. Because they are pushed on the defensive playing style instead of attacking mindset. As they had smashed only 8-9 goals in 8 Premier League games.

Therefore, lack of attacking gameplay put Arsenal in this position. So after the defeat against Aston Villa Mikel Arteta might wake and look to have changed in the squad. As he not even made new summer signings.

But it can’t affect him that much because he tried very well to set the squad with available players. He was looking to have the attacking midfielder for his team to operate the game from the middle. Because most of the time attack is dependent on wing-backs.

To develop the passing ability which might create a couple of chances in the final third of Arsenal. As a result, they might claim the back-to-back victories which might make all the difference for them. Though they had lost the previous weekend very badly fans will wait to have powerful come back.

Arsenal linked with £23M star midfielder has better stats then Aouar
Source: Getty Images.

Moreover, to operate the attack properly Ole Gunnar Solksjaer might regret not sealing the deal for the Aouar. Because he had good feet on the ball and help the team to operate the game for their club from the start of the season.

Whereas, his appearance might be impactful for Mikel Arteta’s side performance. As he had netted almost 5 goals along with 5 or more assists in this season from the start of the season. Hence, these stats will make Mikel Arteta feel regret about it.

Arsenal desire to sign £23m starlet

Arsenal desire to sign £23m starlet
Source: Getty Images.

This Lyon starlet Aouar was targeted very hardly by Arsenal but his highest transfer fee makes them be away from his deal. His increment in the performance will develop his transfer fee again and again.

Due to the loss against Aston Villa fans feel very worsened and nervous due to the team’s performance. But this loss might open the eyes of the Arsenal manager as well as other club officials to bring new players for the club’s development.

According to a report from Gazzetta Dello Sport Arsenal ready to sign the £23m midfielder. As they looking to seal the deal of RB Salzburg star Dominik Szoboszlai. Mikel Arteta thinks that he might be a great option for the Arsenal which will be available at cheaper trade.

Who will be a better choice for Arsenal?

Before sealing the deal of one of them we will have a glance over the difference between both the players. The first one is that Arsenal looking to get cheaper options but they had quality players remaining top on their list.

Aouar was the player that they wanted to sign but his higher transfer fee keeps Arsenal away from him. As they are scouting RB Salzburg’s midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai. He is also available at the half price of Aouar.

Henceforth, it seems like the Arsenal decision of signing Dominik Soboszlai will be the right decision ever made by the manager. Because he had the lower transfer fee and quality of gameplay with him. Hence, fans will be excited to see a new arrival at Emirate at the start of the transfer window.


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