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Arsenal fumble in Europa League, as Ian Wright furious at Arteta


Arsenal are again on the back foot after last night’s Europa League game. The North London side were unable to secure a win against Slavia Prague. And are now 1-1 on aggregate in the quarterfinals of the campaign. The Gunners were focusing to secure a win in the home leg and were 1-0 up in the final quarter of the game.

However, Slavia Prague were quick to retaliate and made the score level. Shattering Arsenal’s big hopes of having a smooth sailing in the second leg. Slavia Prague now have an advantage of the away goal and will look to keep their lead. Arsenal were clumsy for the most part of the game and did not make any solid efforts.

Arsenal had only 2 shots on target from 11 shots towards the goal. With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Saka, and Lacazette missing opportunities. However, Nicolas Pepe was able to find the net 4 minutes before stoppage time. This was a warm feeling for the Arsenal supporters.

But the feeling was soon sunk from a late, late goal from Slavia Prague. Tomas Holes was able to make the scores level at the 93rd minute. The defender was able to utilise a defensive error and get the ball past Bernd Leno. This late drama has been a topic of discussion lately.

Wright furious at Arteta

Wright furious at Arteta:

Arsenal legend Ian Wright was furious after last night’s Europa League game. The former Arsenal forward was not happy with the blunders from Arsenal. Wright took to Twitter to criticise his former club on the game. And also made a tweet: “Take the chances! Make the subs earlier! Finish the tie,”

This tweet was directed towards Mikel Arteta who made substitutions late last night. Mikel Arteta made four substitutions all at once in the last quarter of the game. Bringing in Aubameyang, Pepe, Martinelli and Elneny. Wright feels that Arteta should have made the subs a bit earlier to seal the game in their favour.

The substitutions did prove to be good for Arsenal. With Nicolas Pepe scoring within 10 minutes after coming in. Arsenal were also looking more dominant after the substitutions. But the late error from the Gunners saw them fall in despair.

However, Mikel Arteta feels that the substitutions were at the right time. He also explains that the subs did have a game-changing effect, via BT Sport. But however, the final result did not bring happiness for the Gunners. Mikel Arteta and co must now outplay Slavia Prague in the second-leg away game.

Arsenal need more forward play:

The North London side were frustrated with their late blunder. However, Arsenal may have dug their own grave last night. The Gunners are seen playing the ball in their half for the most part of the game. And occasionally lose possession in their half-opening chances for the opposition.

Granit Xhaka was furious after the late and was audible saying “Just clear the f****** ball away man”. Mikel Arteta will have to fix this issue or else it will cost his side big-time. The Gunners were also lacking proper finishing in the final third. And also let slip away many big chances that may have given them an edge early in the game.

Mikel Arteta have a huge task at hand and is hoping to get his squad’s rhythm back. The Spaniard is also keen to make any big changes to his squad. And Edu Gaspar is hand-in-hand with Arteta on the matter. The duo is desperately trying to reinforce their squad with fresh recruits in the summer. Along with selling some deadweights in the transfer window.

Arsenal are likely to boost their attack with the signing of Folarin Balogun. Edu Gaspar is reportedly close to signing a deal with the youngster according to recent reports. This may be the first step to Arsenal’s reconstruction under Mikel Arteta. The Gunners are hoping to come back stronger in the upcoming season.


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