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Arsenal fans delighted with Rowe’s gesture amidst Kroenke’s interview


Arsenal were one of the big-6 six clubs that had agreed to the European Super League. They were also involved in the early exit from the competition as well. However, every people involved in this owed their fans an apology. Few hours before Arsenal’s director, Josh Kroenke addressed the fans, Emile Smith Rowe made a gesture during the training session that has delighted the fans.

Arsenal runs through the veins of Emile Smith Rowe. He joined The Gunner’s academy when he was only 10 years old. His talent was soon seen and he made the U-23 appearance at the age of just 16. He played in that category for a couple of years and went on to sign his first professional contract in 2017.

Emile made his first-team appearance during the pre-season tour at the age of 17. Soon enough he was also given his first competitive debut in the Europa League. He became the first Arsenal player belonging to this century to make the debut.

He was loaned out to gain experience on the deadline day of the January transfer window that season. The English midfielder joined the German club, RB Leipzig. Although, his term there was unfortunate.

He was recovering from a groin injury when the shift occurred. Due to the incomplete recovery, he was sidelined for a month. Despite coming back, he was only able to get on the field for 30 minutes for the remainder of his loan spell.

The next loan spell was a success as the Huddersfield manager and the fans were of huge praises of the player. He helped the club remain in The Championship with a crucial goal in the last match of the season.

Arsenal fans happy with Emile Smith Rowe’s gesture:

When the 12 clubs formed the breakaway League, fans were fuming because of the decision they made. Many things happened in the 48-hour span. From forming the league to facing heavy penalties from different football authorities and to the clubs exiting the competition, we can at least say it was entertaining.

However, that won’t calm the fans whose voice was not even considered whilst the associated people tried to do more business with the club. Because of which every club owner and director was forced to issue a statement of apology to the fans via the club’s social network.

Although the apology has been received, it hasn’t been accepted. The fans have been protesting and demanding the owners to leave the clubs. Arsenal fans are also planning to continue the anti-Kroenke protest when Arsenal play Everton today in the Premier League.

“Leadership is about recognising when you are wrong, correcting and apologising. We asked ourselves, what is worse: a Super League or a Super League without Arsenal? We also asked ourselves, what do the fans want?

The global fan wants Arsenal against Barcelona as often as possible. English fans want to see more big matches, but you also still want your cold nights in Stoke. Now we need to build a bridge and we will. We will rebuild, we believe we are fit to go forward with AFC.” – Josh Kroenke told in his apology.

In this ongoing frustration, a gesture made by an Arsenal player has relieved the fans of the club’s future. During a training session, Emile Smith Rowe looked at the camera and patted the badge on his training kit, showing his love for the club and giving the fans hope that there are people willing to fight for the club’s name.


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