Argentina star claims they need Messi ‘to keep growing’

Lately, there has been much doubt and speculation about Lionel Messi’s future with the Argentina national team

After an unflattering World Cup with the Albiceleste, Barcelona star Messi decided to step away from the national team, albeit temporarily with the Argentine FA announcing that he will be on the field at least until the end of the year. The interim manager Scaloni was also unsure about the star’s future,

“I spoke to him and after that talk, he has not been called up for these games. Honestly, we have not spoken about what will happen in the future.We all know what he represents for us and we shall see what happens. I have a good relationship with him, it was a good chat that we had and we were very clear. He will not be in this call-up and in the future, we shall see”.

However, Inter and Argentina striker Lautaro Martinez reiterated Messi’s importance and said that they needed him as he helps them grow. On being asked whether they needed him, he said,”Yes, without a doubt, because he is the best player in the world. He is Argentine and every time he wears the shirt of the national team we enjoy him to the fullest. He makes Argentine football keep growing.

There were many things that I learned from him that were very useful and positive within the group, not only his relationship with the best [players], but also with the youngest. You learn a lot because here are the best and I try to make the most of all that to keep learning.”

Author’s take

Ultimately, the decision to continue or not with the Argentine national team rests entirely in the hands of Lionel Messi himself. But there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Argentina are a much stronger team with him than without him.

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