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Apex Legends: New Legend And Season 10 Updates

Here’s everything you need to know about the new legend and the new season of Apex Legends.

Apex is now bringing out a brand new legend. That’s right, the famous battle royal is about to get done with its current season. With the end of season 9, lots and lots of possibilities arise for season 10. There will be new themes, huge updates to the game itself, and now, this new legend.

Apex has been doing well over the course of the past few years. It’s garnered great response from critiques and players alike. It has over 100 million player worldwide as of this year. EA really made a mark in the FPS Battle Royal genre with this amazing game.

The game made the headlines yet again recently with Apex Legends Mobile game slowly becoming a thing. The mobile version is still in its early phases, but the other versions are doing great. 3 man squads, parachuting to the ground, and trying to defeat every enemy until the last squad remains. Apex Legends is just like any other Battle Royal and yet so much more.

With the competition for FPS games becoming more and more aggressive, EA sought to make some changes. These major changes will reflect in this upcoming season of Apex Legends. Having said that much, let’s jump into the updates and the new legend.

New Legend—Seer

New Legend Seer

That’s right, the new legend in Apex is called Seer. EA gave us a mind-blowing trailer of the character earlier this week. And a lot can be decoded about the character’s backstory from the visuals themselves. This new legend will come equipped with moth-like nano-drones and such to help him fight in battle.

Seer was born to a woman who bears the mark of the moth. In the trailer, we can see the moon exploding as Seer is about to be born. His eyes glow and are said to be cursed in the trailer. Does this mean Seer will have some passive visual ability? Or would he automatically be able to see through his drones? We’ll have to wait to find out. The trailer continues to show him being seen with fear and confusion for his eyes. The narration states that the eyes could ‘turn anything to dust.’

Visual abilities or no, this new legend is definitely interesting and worth checking out. The new season is dubbed Emergence and a trailer reveal is already scheduled for it.

Other Details

Trailer for Emergence is to be revealed on 22.7.21. This new season is about to change Apex in epic ways. For starters, ranked arenas are coming to Apex Legends. This will bring it closer in competition with other games like Valorant.

In combination with the new legend, a new weapon will also grace the game. It’s called the Rampage LMG, and by the name of it, it sounds like a beast. Ranked will finally bring 3v3 or maybe even 5v5 team modes in Apex Legends. This will make the overall gaming experience much richer when it comes to versatility of the game itself.

According to Legacy’s Battle Pass, the current season will end on 3rd august and the new season 10:Emergence will begin.

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What do you think about these changes? Let us know in the comments.


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