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Angry Dravid once lost his calm on MS Dhoni; Sehwag spills the beans


Rahul Dravid has been one of the cogs of the Indian cricket team during his heydays. Dravid is one of the very few cricketers in the world who has no haters. He is popularly known as “The Wall” of Indian cricket.

The gentleman’s contribution to Indian cricket has been immense which cannot be put in words. He was a great batsman, a good captain exceptional fielder and a good wicketkeeper. Dravid retired from all forms of cricket in 2012.

Currently, Dravid is the Director of Cricket Operations at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. Apart from that, he also tracks the progress of India A and India under-19 cricket teams.

Earlier, he was the chief coach for the India Under-19 and India A teams. The former Indian captain served these two teams from 2016 to 2019. Under his coaching, India U-19 team finished as the runners up at the 2016 U-19 Cricket World Cup.

Angry Dravid once lost his calm on MS Dhoni; Sehwag spills the beans

They were winners at the 2018 U-19 Cricket World Cup. Dravid drew plaudits from every nook and corner of the Indian cricket fraternity for nurturing the youngsters ever so well. In the following year, BCCI roped in Rahul Dravid as Head of NCA.

Sehwag reveals an incident when Dravid lost his cool on MS Dhoni

Rahul Dravid is a kind and soft-hearted personality by nature. Fans from all across the world know Dravid as the coolest customer. Recently, the former Indian batting great took the cricket fraternity by storm with his new advertisement.

Before we talk about the viral advertisement, former Indian opener Virender Sehwag opened up an incident when Dravid lost his cool on MS Dhoni. Sehwag who shared the dressing room with Dravid during his playing days revealed an incident when Dravid lost his calm on the former Indian skipper.

“I have seen Rahul Dravid angry with players. When we were in Pakistan and MS Dhoni had just started, he played a shot and got caught at point. Dravid was very angry with him. ‘That’s the way you play? You should finish the game.’ I myself was taken aback by the storm of English from Dravid. I didn’t understand half of it,” Sehwag told on Cricbuzz.

Sehwag also revealed that Dravid’s anger had an impact on Dhoni that he changed his batting approach. “When MS Dhoni came into bat next time, I could see he was not hitting shots much. I went to console him. He said he did not want Rahul to scold him again. ‘I will finish the game quietly and go back,’ Dhoni had said,” the former Indian opener quipped.

Rahul’s new advertisement went viral on internet

From “Gentleman of cricket” to “Indiranagar ka gunda”, Dravid has come a long way. It was all possible because of CRED, a credit card payment app that showed us the new side of Rahul Dravid in the advertisement.

The 15-second advertisement showed the different version of Dravid – where he vents out his frustration and anger for getting stuck in Bengaluru’s traffic jam. Absolutely furious by the infamous traffic jam, Dravid shows his rage with his bat and words.

“Indiranagar ka Gunda hoon main (I’m the thug of Indiranagar),” the former Indian skipper announces himself through the sun-roof of his car. The video spread like wildfire on social media platforms. Since then, netizens have been coming up with memes on the internet.


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