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Ancelotti explains the reason behind his sacking

Trophies and Ancelotti’s managerial career are not going hand in hand as the Italian manager keeps getting sacked even after having decent seasons with the teams he has managed till now.Ancelotti got sacked for the 4th time in his Manager career so far.It came as a shocker for football world when Bayern Munich officially announced his sacking.

Ancelotti’s first season with Bayern was fairly ok

Ancelotti had bad rapport with players  

The Italian manager explained the reason behind his sacking in a recent interview in his homeland where he was getting an award for his book ‘Il leader Calmo’.

Speaking to reporters he said,

“I would’ve been here to pick up this award anyway, but just to be sure, Bayern told me to take an early vacation.

“I don’t know if my way of approaching the work is the right one.

“When I left Madrid, they told me I was too close to the players, then Bayern Munich fired me because they said I had a bad rapport with the players.

“I just want to have a rapport with people.

“Were the players against me? I don’t know. I respected all of them, but as a Coach, I have to make a choice to send 11 onto the pitch and seven to the bench.

“It’s down to the intelligence of the players to accept the choices, and to the club to support their Coach.

Though a highly successful manager, Ancelotti has been sacked four times in his career

Many clubs in line to sign Ancelotti

The Italian manager has developed a reputation of taking every club he managed to great heights very soon, thus there are plenty of offers on his table.

The Italian is rumored to either return Premier League as in charge of West Ham or return to Italy replacing AC Milan boss  Vincenzo Montella who is also carrying the thread of getting sacked.

Ancelotti was also rumored to take charge of Italy’s national team but the 58 years old manager has clearly ruled out that move saying,

“I still want to work and train every day, so I haven’t thought about taking on an international job.

“I’ll be the Coach of Italy in the moment when I no longer want to train every day, of course assuming the Nazionale would think of someone like me.”

Author’s Take-

The luck has not supported Ancelotti in his managerial career as he got sacked 4 times even though achieving great heights with teams such as Bayern Munich,  PSG, Real Madrid and Chelsea. The Italian manager has won one Bundesliga title and 2 super Cups with Bayern before getting sacked. It will be interesting to see what comes up next for Ancelotti as he is surely looking the continue his managerial career.


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