Thursday, April 15, 2021

An off-day for Chelsea worsened by an injury to Christian Pulisic

Ever since Thomas Tuchel’s arrival, Chelsea defence has been their edge over any competition. The manager brought along with him a different mentality which was very much visible in how he set up the team.

It was also bearing very good results for the Blues. In a spell of 12 games, the club had conceded only twice. They are at the 4th position in the table but there is much room for improvement as their attack is still not clicking.

Thomas Tuchel was hoping to continue this good run in Premier League after the International break but things didn’t work out for the Blues. Thiago Silva was sent off at the 29th minute mark for Chelsea minutes after Pulisic’s goal.

Chelsea were able to fend off West Brom until the halftime mark. However, the Baggies scored 2 in the 4 minutes of extra time for the first half. The complexion of the game was now very different for Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea lost against West Brom
Christian Pulisic had to be taken off at half time for Chelsea because of a hamstring issue.

Now Chelsea had to try and get one back. One very surprising change for Chelsea was Christian Pulisic being taken off by the manager. Everyone was puzzled as to why the goal scorer is being taken off.

However recent footage has shown that the forward has picked up yet another injury. Pulisic had to be substituted for Mason Mount as he wasn’t able to continue for Chelsea.

Wake up call for Chelsea as Pulisic suffers injury:

Chelsea winger Pulisic injured
Thomas Tuchel believes Chelsea will have to take this as a wake up call as they enter the final stretch of the season

Christian Pulisic made a dash near the halftime mark after which he was feeling uncomfortable. He went on to the bench and said to the manager that he wouldn’t be able to continue.

It has been a rather dreadful season for Pulisic because of his injuries. The player hasn’t been able to get consistent game time. We are only able to see glimpses of his potential and Chelsea fans will be hoping that this knock isn’t a serious one.

According to NBC Sports, Thomas Tuchel in his Post game interview said that this is a wake-up call for Chelsea. “If we look at this game in four weeks hopefully we call it a wake-up call, because that would mean we really woke up,” Tuchel said.

“After the red card we could not adapt to the situation,” Tuchel explained. “Even in the second half what could go wrong went wrong after the red card. Hopefully, it is a big wake up call for all of us, myself included. We did big mistakes after the two yellow cards.”

Yesterday was a good opportunity for Chelsea to close the gap. Chelsea had already lost to Manchester City earlier in the day. Chelsea cannot afford any more mishaps as Liverpool are closing in on the 4th spot.

The tough part begins now for Thomas Tuchel. The last 4 of their 7 matches in the league are with the top 8 in the league. Many teams are fighting for similar positions and the manager would probably be judged on how well the Blues can finish.


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