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American television CEO makes a bid of £350m to buy Newcastle

Henry Mauriss surpassed the bid of the Saudi Consortium of £300m to buy Newcastle United.

Recently, every football club is in the race of buying and selling their players in the summer transfer window. On the other hand, Newcastle’s current owner looks ahead to sell the whole Newcastle United club.

However, the American television company CEO Henry Mauriss had got into the race by adding £50m to the Saudi consortium’s bid. Whereas, Mike Ashley the current owner was ready to sell the club at £300m to the Saudi consortium last April. But the higher bid by the Henry Maurice had shocked everyone.

Moreover, he is ready to take over the club before the next season began but the whole deal will tale place after collapsing the Saudi deal. Whereas, Mike Ashley had agreed to sell at £300m to the Saudi public company.

About Henry Mauriss

Henry Mauriss surpassed the bid of the Saudi Consortium of £300m to buy Newcastle United.

Henry Mauriss is the American clear TV company CEO. Whereas, broadcasting is done for hospitals, airports, and other areas. Hence, it reaches to the 85m viewers. Besides this, he has the Credit America Corporation which is started in 1998. Further, he mentioned that he is also the Tottenham fan and get the inspiration from Liverpool’s John Henry’s success last year.

After looking to his business, his profit per annum not mentioned publicly. Whereas, he only mentioned his credit America’s trades, almost close to $7b. Henceforth, the net worth of Henry Mauriss is so much less than Saudi PIF. But then also reports thought that Henry Mauriss can bring changes in the current situation of Newcastle United.

Vision to buy Newcastle United

Vision to buy Newcastle United
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Unexpectedly, Henry Mauriss comes in the race of buying Newcastle United club. Currently, he is the TV companies CEO but trying to take a big bit with smallmouth. As reports claimed that he had studied Liverpool’s owners plans and wants to do a little much same at Newcastle United.

Furthermore, one of the sources speaks with a mirror. However, he said, Henry Mauriss had studied the plans implanted by the Liverpool owner to make it successful. Whereas instead of investing in the squad he is going to invest in Newcastle United’s academy, the source added.

Additionally, he said, this man had seen the efforts taken by his countrymen John Henry to build-up the Liverpool. As he worked in the team to take everyone in the same direction and make it happened successfully, the source concluded in the  Mirror.

Henceforth, according to mirror Henry Mauriss is guided by the Mike Ashley’s former associate Chris Ronnie to take ownership of Newcastle United. Whereas, Chris Ronnie was the owner of JJB sports for two years. Later, he gets the ban to act the business-related roles an also to take the club’s decisions. His record was not good. Furthermore, Chris Ronnie jailed in 2014 under the corruption case. In the end, fans will eye on the Newcastle United contract report to come forward.

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