Monday, April 12, 2021

Alan Shearer speaks on handball incident of Hudson Odoi in Chelsea vs United

Manchester United delivered yet another dull display against the top-6 side as they played a draw against Chelsea. Both the teams failed to deliver the hype that was created as it was expected to be the game of the week.

There were a few opportunities available from both ends, but the main talking point was the handball incident that took place in the first half. The Red Devils as well as many other people were convinced that it should have been a penalty, but the final decision was given against them.

This incident occurred early in the first half. Marcus Rashford took a free-kick which was partially cleared away by the Blues’ stopper Edouard Mendy. The ball was still inside the 18-yard box when Mason Greenwood and Callum Hudson-Odoi tussled for the possession. Chelsea appealed for the handball but in point of fact, it was Hudson-Odoi’s hand that hit the ball.

The match referee Stuart Attwell came over to the monitor to take a better look and decided not to give the handball, which on another day would have been.  

Alan Shearer speaks on handball incident of Hudson Odoi in Chelsea vs United

With both the teams sharing the spoil, their position in the Premier League table also remains unchanged. Manchester United remains 2nd, but their gap from the top has been extended to 12 points. Chelsea on the other hand failed to leapfrog West Ham United and enter the top-4 as they remain separated by a point at 5th.

Newcastle United legend, Alan Shearer share his view on Incident

There has been nothing more inconsistent than VAR in the Premier League. It has clearly destroyed the joy of football. Many pundits, managers as well as players have shared their dissatisfaction for the technology and yet we are nowhere close to seeing an improvement.

Manchester United’s coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was furious by the decision and blamed the opposition for influencing the match officials. Alan Shearer was one of the many who shared their annoyance against VAR to BBC Sport.

Under the laws, that should be a penalty. I don’t think it should be but because of the laws. Now there is much confusion, the referees are confused, they haven’t got a clue what is right and wrong.

It’s been tweaked, it’s been changed mid-season to accommodate it. Whether the hand’s high, whether it’s natural, unnatural, you’ve got sleeves, the inconsistencies every single week. I was at Southampton vs Wolves and the ball was smashed from two yards, 100mph, hits his arm, penalty, but there was nothing he could do.

Twenty minutes later, the defender’s arm is out from 20 yards, doesn’t give a penalty. Last week, West Brom vs Burnley, that wasn’t given. There’s so much confusion around this law it’s incredible, the referees haven’t got a clue.”

He further stated that the inconsistency of VAR has made the referees confused. Their confidence has been draining day by day which is clearly visible.

Even for the slightest of the decision, they have to take the help of VAR which on the other hand is even worse. It has failed to deliver what it stands for and the game is losing its charm.


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