After Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli lands in trouble for his inappropriate comments on a girl

After Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s case yet to be settled, skipper Virat Kohli’s might come under scrutiny as an old video of his goes viral.

While the men in blue are rising higher and higher with their performance, there have been incidences past couple of weeks not going right for a few of them, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul to be precise. Both of them were featured in a TV chat show “Koffee with Karan” on 9th January, 2019 where Hardik was bragging about ‘hook-ups’ with several women and that he liked to check them out at various places. The incident has created a huge rift and was followed by a series of culminations.

While Pandya also bragged about how much open he was with his parents about his hook-ups, Rahul was more of self-contained in his conversation. Though the talk show ended in an hour, there occurred a series of consequences still ongoing due to their sexist comments. The Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) Committee of Administrators (CoA) issued a show cause notice to both the cricketers and sought an explanation within 24 hours for their remarks on the TV show which was followed by a two-match ban despite Pandya’s apology.

Both the players have been put under suspension till the matter is resolved. That was not all as Indian skipper Virat Kohli also broke his silence and said that the team did not align with the views and those were the opinions of the players.

“We as the Indian cricket team and responsible cricketers don’t align with those views, those were individual opinions. We are still waiting for a decision to be made,” Kohli said at the press conference ahead of the first ODI against Australia in Sydney on Friday.

The matter was not yet closed when a new controversy erupted, this time an old one. There has been a video revolving around wherein skipper Virat Kohli is seen calling a girl “Ugly”.

In the video, the host, Anusha Dandekar, asked Kohli about the quickest date he had ever had. Kohli responded by saying “I went on a blind date, which ended in about five minutes. I saw the girl and I ran away.”

Dandekar reacted, “That is so mean! Was she really unattractive?” to which Kohli said, “She was ugly. I’m sorry, but she was ugly.”


While KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya undergo immense criticism, the possibility of Virat Kohli getting questioned over his comments is quite high. However what really has become a major concern for world cricket is its authenticity, code of conduct and etiquettes which most of the cricketers of the current generation seem to be discontinuing. With age forging to match-fixing, to ball tempering and now making sexist comments, the gentleman’s game seems to be endangered, and hence requires more and more strict laws and regulations.

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