5 reasons why Sanchez can be the one to win Man Utd silverware

Alexis Sanchez arrival at Manchester United can finally bring back the aspiration to perspiration that can provide Inspiration to the Red half of Manchester which has suffered from both monotony and mediocrity this season. The league is a long shot but Champions league and F.A Cup are still up for grabs and even though the target is far-fetched, the proven quality that Sanchez will inject could enhance the performance settling the roid into striking range.

I clearly remembered the summer of 2011 when I was a naïve teenager thinking that a South American break out superstar would actually snub Barcelona for Manchester United, well his journey brought him to the lands of London and now the switch need to materialize in trophies for Manchester United. Here are 5 reasons why Sanchez can win silverware at Manchester United this season.

Sanchez’s experience in Europe will provide excellence on and off the field

Sanchez brings with himself loads of experience in Europe where he has excelled playing for both Barcelona and Arsenal. He has played for and against the best and that experience itself would be an institution for his young teammates with whom he is going to share the dressing room for the rest of the season. He has made 48 appearances in the Champions league automatically making him the most capped player in the Manchester United squad, of course, Carrick is an exception but he doesn’t fall into the conjecture right now.

On the field, Sanchez will bring his ball playing prowess to manage possession with a spread precision that can be the purest passage to unlock defenses across Europe. United has struggled to penetrate with power in the Champions League and Sanchez is just the foil who can bring versatility going forward operating in both wide and central areas.

Sanchez’s versatility will help United employ 3-5-2 in big matches away from home more effectively

Away matches often decide the fate of a crucial Champions league tie where traditionally Mourinho uses a defensive formation to cancel out the opposition, United hasn’t looked convincing playing with that defensive dynamic In Europe because they have been short on bodies and belligerence while countering, Martial has struggled to break quickly from the back which was visible against Liverpool while Rashford is not yet polished.

Sanchez with Lukaku would narrow the position allowing a fruitful link-up play to flourish with pace. Pogba Sanchez and Lukaku along with the fullbacks can a be firm foil to fuel fire in the furnace without hindering the shape of the side

Sanchez will provide much-needed pace on the inside right channel

Continuing my point on pace, United has been pedestrian on the right-hand side, Mata has fitted in to roam around that right central area where he has been found wanting on pace and penetration often swapping positions with Lingard. Sanchez will provide assertion and acceleration that can help United be more creative and clinical in the final third providing variety to the wing play with a forward who can work both inside and outside plus he has the power to finish a move.

Sanchez will allow Lukaku to operate in a more direct manner

Lukaku in recent matches has been deprived of quality service that has frustrated him to operate in a more deeper role asking for the ball instead of attacking pivotal positions in the box, Sanchez can hold up the play and spread the ball on both flanks allowing Lukaku to hit the box and wait for the delivery more often, Sanchez also has a potent through ball in his locker that could be fed to the Belgian forward with belief. Sanchez will ease the tension that is building upon Lukaku who has been short on chances lately.

Sanchez’s inclusion will add depth to the squad that is still competing in three competitions

Sanchez will add tremendous value to United’s squad which is short on experience as far as attacking goes especially in Europe where the forward play has been static, to say the least. Sanchez will allow the team to compete on all fronts without complacency or burnouts keeping the focus very much alive on the domestic and European cup providing eligibility to the Elite.

Sanchez will also keep Lukaku on his heels as he is also a challenger for his center forward spot that has not been fully sealed by the buoyant Belgian. Mourinho can rotate his forwards in the cup games keeping the squad healthy and energetic for the coveted contests.

Author’s Take

Congratulate the Chilean on joining the chills

Riding into the journey that promises the thrills

From a relentless rival to a friendly relief

All hail modern football that confuses the belief.


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