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5 Potential destinations for Jose Mourinho if sacked from Tottenham Hotspurs in summer


Jose Mourinho joined Tottenham Hotspur in 2019. After his arrival, some had said that Mourinho is no longer the same manager he used. We got a glimpse of it in the Amazon Prime series. Last season it looked like Spurs were slowly adjusting to Mourinho’s style of football. Even at the start of this season, Tottenham Hotspur was considered at title favorites.

However, as the season progressed they lost momentum. Now they are fighting for a place in the top four. Tottenham Hotspur this season has already lost 10 league games. Never in his career had Jose Mourinho lost 10 league games in a single campaign. He also has a cycle of leaving the club after three years. Perhaps in a year or two, he might leave the Londoners.

Here are five possible destinations for Jose Mourinho:

5. Atletico Madrid (same style)

Diego Simone is the highest paid manager in world football. This is largely because of his success in the past. In recent years the Los Ranjablancos have struggled a lot. Even thai season it looks like they will bottle the La Liga title, despite having a good lead earlier.

They are lacking that killer instinct needed to win trophies. Atletico Madrid are not being ruthless enough. Perhaps a change of manager might help. Mourinho’s style of play is similar to that of Simone. He has a knack for winning trophies as well. If Simone continues to lose out on trophies, Mourinho should be the perfect replacement for him.

4. Portugal (home calling for Jose Mourinho)

5 Potential destinations for Jose Mourinho

Portugal as a football nation has produced one of the greatest players of all time in Cristiano Ronaldo. However, when it comes to management, Jose Mourinho is the best manager to come out of Portugal. A Seleção has been doing very well in Europe. They won the Euros in 2016 and the Nations League. However, when it comes to the bigger stage that is the world cup, they flatter.

They are in need of someone of a manager who can take them to the next level. Jose Mourinho can be that man because of his experience of winning big trophies. Another thing to consider is that he does not necessarily need a very talented squad. He has shown that with Inter and Porto that if the players are hard-working, he can win big things with them. The joy of leading your nation to glory on the biggest stage of football is something Mourinho is unlikely to say no to.

3. Borussia Dortmund (tit for tat)

Sometimes in order to beat a giant, you need another giant. Bayern Munich is the big giant which constantly bullies Borussia Dortmund. The BVB was able to suppress Dortmund’s monopoly for some time under Klopp but not for long. Dortmund are again in need of such a manager to take on Bayern Munich. Jose Mourinho now has the experience of managing a club with ambitions but it lacks the financial muscle in Tottenham.

He can use this experience at Dortmund to take on Bayern Munich. Though his style of play is different from that of what the BVB has been used to. However, he can always convince players that with his style players have won big trophies. While with Dortmund’s style they haven’t achieved much.

2. PSG (Champions League for Jose Mourinho)

Jose Mourinho PSG

The Parisians have won it all in France and they usually win most of the trophies in France. However, the Qatari money wasn’t invested into the club to win Ligue 1. The real aim is to win the Champions League. It is the trophy that eludes the club. They have tried many managers and right now they have Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentinian is an excellent coach but he has always lacked that final edge.

We have seen that the Ligue 1 giants have been patient with their managers. However, they don’t hesitate to pull the trigger as well. If Poch is unable to deliver the Champions League within a few years he will be sacked. Jose Mourinho should be the natural replacement considering by that time he will leave Spurs. He will be the natural replacement because he is likely to be the high-profile manager available at that time.

1. England (the sage continues for Mourinho)

Jose Mourinho to England is one of the oldest sagas in world football. So far Gareth Southgate has done a good job with the Three Lions. However, at times, he has been criticized for his approach. It is said that he is too cautious and defensive in his team selection. While Mourinho is also defensive but he defends to win the game, he is not defensive so that he does not lose the game.

The former Real Madrid manager has now managed three top clubs in English football. He knows English football in and out by now. The mentality, the quality of players, the type of football they prefer to play, etc. All these things can work in his favor.



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