5 Possible Royal Rumble 2018 Winners

The 30th anniversary of the Royal Rumble looms by with the usual uncertainty and expectations among the WWE Universe. The WWE would look to mark the occasion with the usual enthusiasm as it is the first official checkpoint to “The Road to WrestleMania”.

The Royal Rumble, ever since it’s inception has been famous for its battle royals, where the winner gets a title shot at WrestleMania. It is a night where history is made and moments are created. The 2018 edition approaches along with several questions and possibilities raised, which include “Who should win the 30 man battle royal?”.

Here, we take a look at 5 possible superstars who could go all the way in the 2018 edition of the Royal Rumble.



Kevin Owens


“The Prizefighter” was abruptly removed from the title picture earlier this year and fell prey to the Brock Lesnar – Goldberg program and was switched to the United States Title which shifted hands among several people. Owens could really use a victory at the Royal Rumble and earn a high profile match at WrestleMania, to reclaim his status as one of the top guys in the company. Ever since losing the United States title, Owens has lost steam and his alliance with Sami Zayn has not done him any favours so far.




Samoa Joe


The WWE did a great job in building up Samoa Joe as a character right from his days at NXT, his introduction to the main roster was unexpected and well executed. Things were going well until he was victimized by Brock Lesnar, his whole image was tarnished by losing to Lesnar pretty quickly than most people expected. Ever since his return from his injury, he has been more prominent. “The Samoan Submission Machine” can be an ideal choice to be the last man standing and challenge Brock Lesnar to settle their unfinished business.




Roman Reigns


With the heavily speculated match against “The Beast” on the horizon, the odds of Reigns winning are pretty high despite the fact that his win at Royal Rumble 2015 received widespread criticism. Reigns has been one of the most consistent performers in the Royal Rumble, being part of the final 3 men in the last 4 editions of the event is something that cannot be just ruled out. If Reigns’ booking by the WWE is taken into account, nothing can be ruled out when it comes to him.




Braun Stowman has been one of the most build-up and improved wrestler in the past year. From his repeated annihilation of Roman Reigns to clobbering down the COO of the company, Triple H, Strowman has done it all. The Royal Rumble match can be said as Strowman’s strong suit as he has eliminated 11 men in the past 2 editions of the event. Despite reports suggesting Triple H as Strowman’s opponent for WrestleMania, The fans would love to see “The Monster Among Men” collide against “The Beast” once more, since their last outing left the viewers wanting more.





“The King Of Strong Style” has lost a lot of momentum over the months, his repeated losses to Jinder Mahal and being the first person to be eliminated during the main event of Survivor Series, has not done him any favours. It can be said that his main roster run has been below par so far. A Royal Rumble victory would be the perfect way to gain momentum for the former NXT Champion. Apart from that, if AJ Styles manages to keep the title until WrestleMania, fans would finally see the dream match unfold true at “The Grandest Stage Of Them All”. Nakamura winning the WWE Championship for the first time can be a memorable moment for years to come.

Author’s Take:

The 2018 edition of the Royal Rumble looks to be enthralling considering the latest call-ups from the NXT. With a few surprise returns and an ideal winner, the event has all it takes to be a remarkable one. WWE would also take this as an opportunity to improve their record in this event, considering the fact that the winners in the past few editions of the Royal Rumble have not been embraced well by the fans.

Who do you feel should win the Royal Rumble and go on to headline WrestleMania? Pop in your thoughts in the comments section.

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