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5 Possible destination of Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba has been at the cynosure of a lot of news leading from his repeated injuries causing inconsistencies in his performance and dissent with his manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at his current club, Manchester United.

These reasons have led to a rift between the two and has led to a lot of speculation in the transfer market. Paul Pogba’s transfer maybe something beneficial for him as it may give him a fresh start to redeem himself from his failing performances in his last few matches.

There is no denying that he is a very skilled midfielder and would be an asset to whichever club he joins next.


Juventus holds a key place in Pogba’s growth into the megastar he is today, so a transfer back might be on the cards. Pogba would also be a suitable player in the team’s squad playing alongside Miralem Pjanic. Pjanic’s current teammates Claudio Marchisio and Sami Khedira have turned and 32 respectively and it definitely must lead to questions about how their age might affect their game. Pogba also seems to be the answer to these questions. A matchup of Pogba and Christiano Ronaldo would also prove to be a lethal combination for their opponent teams and would help Juventus become a striking powerhouse.


Madrid hasn’t had a very good season in La Liga. Madrid has been skeptical about spending and acquiring new quality players, and a swoop in to buy Pogba would be a welcome move and a reminder of their Galacticos days. Money, therefore, isn’t a problem for the Spanish Giants and a team-up of the two would put both parties in a beneficial position. With the addition of Paul Pogba.

Madrid would put up a very daunting midfield featuring Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. This star-studded midfield could also be the reason Madrid is able to defeat Barcelona and claim the winning title of La Liga this season. Pogba would also be a key player in their quest to win the Champions League.


PSG might also be a possible new destination for Paul Pogba. Being a French club, Paris St Germain proves to be a good new spot for the player as he is also of French origin. Adding Pogba into their team, PSG would have a very challenging line up with Marco Verratti and Neymar. The team also houses Kylian Mbappè, who also plays for France alongside Paul Pogba and this duo could prove to be lethal.


The Italian side might be another possible destination for Paul Pogba. Inter Milan has not been having a good run the last few seasons and Pogba could provide them with a strong midfielder which would definitely help the club improve their game. It cannot be denied that Pogba is a very skilled midfielder and he is young too, which can imply Pogba’s place on the team to be a long term one. Inter Milan also provides him with an absolutely fresh start which may provide him with the redemption that he needs to return to his form again.


Manchester United is the club where he started his career and despite his recent rifts, there is a high possibility that he might continue on at the club.  Pogba has recently undergone surgery and his social media page lets his fans know that he is ready for another season of good football and he might just continue on at his old team. Defying all odds, Manchester United provides him with a familiar setting and when he is in form, he proves to be a very valuable player.

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