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5 PC Games From The Past To Make You Nostalgic

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Games have been a part of some people’s lives for ages. Kids grow up playing and it shapes their future interests in remarkable ways. The age of PC gaming really began in the 2000s. This was when new concepts, new stories, and new characters were slowly coming into being. Today, the world has changed. High graphics and intense gunfights dominate the E-sports world.

Even outside of the professional gaming scenario, things demand a lot of specs out of computers and players. Back in the 2000s, games were simpler and requirements were lower. Only a few can forget legendary games like Mario and Contra.

The FIFA series has now been going on for ages and GTA has become something of an epic with no going back. Streams earn people millions in revenue and websites like Twitch are the staple for millions of people. But all of that was nowhere around a few decades ago.

In this article, we take a break and look back. We will be talking about 5 amazing games that take you back. These games are where everything really began. Open worlds, gunfights, storylines, and characters who became engraved in history. Let’s talk all about it.

Games To Make You Nostalgic

5 PC Games from Past

5. Project: I.G.I

Games To Make You Nostalgic

The story of David Jones. The game Project I.G.I was powerful as soon as the first installment hit in 2000. It was different and interesting. Why? Because it seeming fused the gunfights of fps games and the storyline part of open-world games.

A perfect mixture of the two. Adding in amazing in-game mechanics only made things even smoother. It often took hours to finish single missions. You had to think before shooting and think before even moving. Whether you’re transporting a dangerous criminal through enemy territory or crashing on a foreign border. Timing and strategy were everything. This is what made I.G.I the legend it is today.

4. Mortal Kombat

Games To Make You Nostalgic

Mortal Kombat was a game that first showed up in the 90s. Originally, it was only limited to arcades. Of course, arcades did not have a very long and thriving life in India. Eventually, Mortal Kombat shifted to PCs, consoles, and just about everything.

The epic 1v1 fights and badass finisher gave a certain thrill. Kids of the age especially loved competing against each other to see who the toughest was. It was really a great time when fps games weren’t all the heat in the world. Mortal Kombat ended up becoming so famous, it spawned a whole series and multiple movies.

3. Super Mario

Games To Make You Nostalgic

If we were listing down nostalgic games from the past, Super Mario was a must. This is a game almost no gamer would have missed. In their childhood or even in the present. Mario is a gaming and cultural phenomenon.

The simplicity of the mission. The innocent and yet gripping nature of the challenges. And just the humorous and heroic build of Mario and Luigi. Everything about Mario spells the 90s and the 200s. No wonder it has been able to stay around for so long.

2. Counter-Strike

Games To Make You Nostalgic

Counter-Strike is where competitive FPS began. The ten-man bomb defusal or hostage rescue scenario against literal bots was more than just entertaining. It was where a gaming revolution began. If today, FPS games dominate the E-sports world, it is all because of Counter-Strike.

A game that was able to affect the whole community by just existing. This had to be on this list. Today, CS:GO continues to carry on the legacy of its predecessor. The game is slowly losing presence but it is clear that it won’t go away any time soon.

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1. GTA Vice City

Anyone could have guessed the final entry on this list. GTA Vice City changed the world. From being an experimental concept to becoming one of the highest-selling media franchises of all time. GTA is legendary and for good reasons.

Vice City introduced the American dream in an open world of crime. Missions were dynamic, moving around the small map was different and easy. And more than anything, the characters felt like real people with real stories. The angst, the fights, and the very nature of the game gave it the unique mark in the gaming world.

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