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3 Reasons Why Manchester City Will Fade Away From The Title Race This Season

Manchester City

Manchester City and Pep Guardiola had an impeccable start to their season until last week. They were unbeaten in 10 games in all competitions. Their trip to Celtic Park against Brendan Rodgers men opened up the flaws in their gameplay, and then Pochettino 4 days later nailed on to it too with an emphatic 2-0 victory, even when Lamela missed a penalty.
The flaws in Pep’s system have been found out now and every Premier League club will cave in on him with the usual tactics.

We look at the 3 factors that could cause the downfall of Pep’s Manchester City and could fade away in the title race.

1. Pep’s rather stubborn than pragmatic approach.

Premier League is different than any other league in many ways than not. You can win leagues in Spain, Italy and Germany with a single minded approach but in England you have to got to be pragmatic more often than not.

Every Premier League club is very capable of causing an upset. Pep hasn’t yet experienced it and he if doesn’t changes his ways than he could experience it sooner than later. Pochettino chased City team down, Spurs had lower possession but still had bundle of chances to score. They covered every grass blade with the same energy throughout 90 minutes and never let City play their usual game. City couldn’t string in 10 passes together and they had not other way to approach the game, they still went on to play their usual style.

Pep Guardiola

Brendan Rodgers was the first to highlight the flaws of Pep’s system. His side, might not have been upto City’s standards in any way before the match started but certainly were an even match or better when they started playing. They were causing havoc with their pressing and City trailed 3 times during the match as their winning streak ended.

So, if Pep goes the way about his business the way he usually does than maybe he will soon learn that why Premier League is different than others.

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