3 managers that should not join Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane does a number on Real Madrid with a reminiscent reply reciprocating the rhetorical world of real football.

It is hard to imagine someone as zealous as Zidane to zephyr on the zenith, but then again he has suffered in and out of the field simultaneously this season in what can be a suffocating job at the Santiago Bernabeu.


Managers are being linked left, right and centre to the Real iron throne that has been in place long before the TV act got fire. There is no winner in this job – because ultimately the upside is always eclipsed by the desperation endured during the downside. Here is a take on linked managers and why they should not join Real Madrid.

Arsene Wenger

For the majority of his tenure at Arsenal, the last thing we expected from Wenger was to deliver trophies. At Madrid it is a compulsion, and it is catastrophic to think it’ll be compensated by the intent to gather services of an experienced custodian. Arsene Wenger’s ideology revolves around building a team where there is a scope for only one senator. At the Bernabeu he’ll be surrounded by the Galacticos turning on the glitz and glamour accompanied by their gigantic egos.

Wenger doesn’t have a good record of handling big personalities, especially when the environment can be punishing. It is better for Wenger to return home and enjoy the semi-retirement phase of his career by taking a pet project.

Antonio Conte

Conte’s curse has always been his chastity to create a conflict with the commander in chief of a club. His roller-coaster ride with Roman has rendered regressive repercussions for the Club. The Real job revolves around the hierarchy and I doubt that the persistent persona of Conte would be able to share that podium with Perez.

To be honest, there is some upside to the signing as he can bring Hazard to Madrid which is their top priority. But it is still not a guarantee considering his shrewd style on and off the field. Conte needs to conjure his consolidation in a chivalrous environment rather than the sophisticated aroma of Santiago Bernabeu.

Joachim Low

Low has extended his contract with Germany but today’s football throws in scenarios where interim managers can find a position in a palace. Low has the example of Scolari and Van Gaal whose tactics have failed miserably in the league oriented football. The gap has widened between a league and tournament-bound manager in recent past. Guss Hiddink has done a commendable job on two separate occasions at Chelsea, but he has always shied away from the starting bonanza at the Bridge, stating there is still a blind-spot in between.

There is no denying Low can be a top manager at an elite club as he has built the German team right from the scratch but there is a big question mark on his critique of contemplating a curriculum that could enhance his legacy in a challenging environment.

The Real Solution: Jose Maria Guti

Real have a reference point in their rivals Barcelona. The Catalans have reframed themselves by adopting crude coaching rather than man management by appointing the likes of Tito, Enrique and Valverde in recent times. Zidane also provided that excellence on the training ground putting more emphasis on coaching aspect of management prioritizing skill and technique above the paparazzi.

Guti will bring in the grittiness that prolonged his playing career at Real emerging as a true leader in difficult times for the club. Like Zidane, he has been involved with the Real setup and can help push talents like Vazquez, Asensio, and Kovacic in future. Guti always had that guile to deflate a gigantic gallop in his playing days. That gallop from the Catalans is coming next season and Real can do with resilient yet relevant recruits to continue the reoccurrence.

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